Underpinning Cost

Underpinning costs: A Breakdown of the most common underpinning cost types.

Cement Mass Pour Underpinning Cost

A cement mass pour underpinning cost scope entails introducing a fortified cement footing beneath the existing foundation in segments, the extent of which hinges on the project's scale. Although this method consumes more material compared to alternative underpinning techniques, it proves remarkably efficacious and might entail fewer intricate engineering specifications during the underpinning design phase. For projects within the San Francisco Bay Area, costs for cement mass pouring typically range between $12,000 and $18,000, varying based on the project's site, dimensions, and underpinning scope.

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Investment Breakdown: Beam and Base Underpinning

Beam and Base Unpderpinning Cost

A sophisticated approach involves crafting a precise concrete beam beneath the entire foundation, serving as a replacement for the current footing. This process, known as beam and base underpinning, necessitates a more intricate design process and extended execution time. The load of the building is borne by the beam, while the concrete base uniformly disperses weight through the soil. Project costs in the San Francisco Bay Area span from $19,000 to $45,000, contingent on factors such as location, site size, and underpinning scope.

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Expense Analysis: Underpinning Pier System

Pier System Underpinning Cost

When devising an underpinning plan, engineers typically evaluate factors such as foundation site accessibility and the composite soil's strength. Should site access be constrained or the two aforementioned underpinning options prove less effective, engineers may advocate for a pier pile underpinning design and system. Here, individual piers are usually driven into the ground at depths of 15 feet or more, potentially extending to 50 feet based on structural load capacity and soil conditions. This method necessitates specialized equipment, meticulous planning, and comprehensive engineering, thereby driving up underpinning company expenses. Estimated costs per pier system within the San Francisco Bay Area hover between $35,000 and $250,000, contingent on variables like the number of piers required, site location, dimensions, and underpinning extent.

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